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January 2015 - Friend-zone F##ks

To kick the year off, we're discussing one of the most fabled forms of fornication, the friend-zone hook-up! Like a maximum security prison, getting out of the friend-zone is tough, but sometimes it happens, and if you've done it and got some sweet, sweet action as a result, we want to hear all about it! And don't forget, the hottest stories will win the cash award, so turn up the heat!

Jan 2015 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jan 08, 2015
In grade nine of high school, I had met a girl who was extremely fun, she thought the way I did, she said the things most people wouldn't and she and I really hit it off, but we were nothing more than friends. Over time, we became best friends and kept in contact even after having left school. In 2011 (we would have been in year 12, but dropped out) she began dating a guy who was in his early twenties, and I secretly had the biggest crush on him. We all hung out, all the time and whenever we were together, her boyfriend would drop comments like "We should make a sandwich, I'll bring the cucumber and mayo" - he would always say it jokingly, but it always sent me into a craze, thinking about seeing him naked. One night, we were all at a mutual friends house and... read more
"they close the door, turn to me and say "We want to have a three way.""
Posted: Jan 15, 2015
Before using RHP i was a good girl ever did anything naughty. i had all these fanastys in my head one of them was to be with a couple. i met this couple and it all started off over the phone as i lived 6 hours away from them. i became touching myself over the phone y they would listen. 2 weeks later they paid for me to fly down. at first i was nervous and when i got to there home i didnt want to go ahead with it because i was so nervous and all that was going on in my head was i was ment to be with role model. I gave in and we had the best sex i have ever had. Now that i have done that im more of a slut then ever! i play with myself every day and am always keen for... read more
"we had the best sex i have ever had"
Posted: Jan 18, 2015
So I was round a friends house you know the average Saturday night beers etc.. me, my friend and his mrs all sat in the longue a little bit tipsy when all of a sudden she starts un doing his trousers and starts sucking him slowly.. I was eyeing her sexy body up and thinking 'fuck me whats going on here then shouldn't they wait until ive gone' sort of thing, Then she asks me over to see what my cock looks like... with out thinking I get up go over and before I know it her hands are all over me, squeezing my hard cock whilst shes sucking him. That was it then no going back, I start rubbing her feeeling how wet she is through her pants, and then her skirt and pants come off im giving her the finger all over her clit, shes going wild sucking... read more
"she was on the ceiling with excitement"

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